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Article: Outring watch that continues to shine -charm and history of Patek Philippe

輝き続ける卓越の時計―パテックフィリップ(Patek Philippe)の魅力と歴史

Outring watch that continues to shine -charm and history of Patek Philippe

Patek Philiper history

Patek Philip's history began in Geneva, Switzerland. Antoine Noribelt de Patek and Adrian Philip were founded in 1839 with their individual strengths. Later, it was changed to Patek Celine in 1845, but Adrian Philip was retired in 1851 and the brand name was changed to the current Patek Philip.

Since its founding, Patek Philiper has received a lot of support from customers, such as royal family, celebrities, and artists. In particular, he has established an international reputation by having the connection with the British Queen Victoria and Albert. Patek Philiper has been operated as a family -run company since then, and has continued to protect long traditions and history.

Characteristics of Patek Philip

Patek Philip's watches have been praised by their outstanding skills and craftsmanship. Each watch is manufactured by manual work that requires advanced technology and is assembled by skilled craftsmen. As a result, Patek Philip's watches have a very high accuracy and durability, and can keep the accurate time for a long time.

In the design, Patek Philiper has always pursued its own style. A simple and sophisticated design is one of the reasons for a long time, not affected by the trend. Karatrava Cross, known as a brand logo, has a simple and elegant design, but symbolizes the high quality and tradition of Patek Philip.

Patek Philiper popular model

Patek Philiper has many popular models. Among them are series such as "Karatrava", "Nautilus", "Aqua Note", and "Complications".

"Karatraba" is a representative series of Patek Philip, featuring a simple and elegant design. It is loved by many fans because it is widely used from business scenes to casual scenes.

"Nautilus" and "Aqua Note" are a series that features sporty and sophisticated designs. Since its appearance in 1976, the bracelet combined with its distinctive octagon -shaped case has become very popular. "Aqua Note" is a more sporty design, but has high quality and functionality like Patek Philip.

"Complications" refers to watches with complex functions. It is supported by many fans as a series that collects technical highlights in the clock world, such as calendar, chronograph, and Tourbillon without second hand.

These popular models are important icons that symbolize Patek Philip's tradition and innovation.

Patek Philiper collection and price range

Patek Philiper has a rich collection. Among them, there are the following famous series:


It is a symbolic series of Patek Philiper, featuring a simple and sophisticated design. Elegant appearance and high practicality are attractive, and we can support a wide range of business situations to formal events. The price range costs more than $ 100,000 to millions, depending on the model and special function.


Appeared in 1976, it is a series featuring a modern and sporty design. It features a bracelet combined with an octagon -shaped case, and is known as a pioneer model that incorporates sports watch elements into luxury watches. The price range ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions.


It has a more casual impression while having a sporty design similar to Nautilus. Using a rubber belt is also suitable for active scenes such as outdoors and sports. The price range ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.


It is a category that refers to a wristwatch with complex functions, and is equipped with complex mechanisms that require advanced technology, such as a calendar, chronograph, and a Tourbillon without a second hand. The price range ranges from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions, and the price fluctuates depending on the type and function.

Patek Philip's watches vary greatly depending on the rarity, special functions, and designs, so it is important to receive advice from experts when considering purchasing.

Patek Philiper Technology and Innovation

Patec Philip has always pursued technical innovation in watch production. The following typical technologies are:

Perpetual Calendar:

It is a function to automatically adjust the date, the month, and the leap year, and requires one adjustment 1,461 days (4 years). This allows you to keep indicating the exact date.


This is a mechanism for improving the accuracy of the clock, which reduces the effect of gravity by rotating the mechanical part of the clock. There are Tourbillon who does not have a second hand, and is often mounted on high -end models.

Chronograph (chronograph):

A complex mechanism with a time measurement function, you can temporarily measure the time by pressing the button. It has high accuracy and operability.

With these innovative techniques, Patek Philip's watch provides precise, high -quality time, and has been praised as a pioneer in the clock world.

Patek Philiper and Collector

Patek Philip's watches are very attractive to watch collectors and enthusiasts due to their rarity and their own design. Patek Philiper has many rare models that only produce a limited quantity, and these models are very popular among collectors.

In addition, Patek Philip's watches can maintain their value over a long period of time, and the value may increase over time. Therefore, it is a brand that is said to be high as a collection, and many collectors want to get it.

Patec Philip's brand value and exclusive

Patek Philip is loved by watch lovers and celebrities around the world due to its luxury and exclusive brand value. Due to the high quality and rarity provided by the brand, watch enthusiasts have long wanted Patek Philip's watches. The fact that many celebrities and royal families use Patek Philip's watches also enhance their exclusive images.

To Ginza Axis for purchase and outsourcing for Patek Philippes

Patec Philip is a world -famous luxury watch brand with excellent technology and traditional craftsmanship. The sophisticated design and the outstanding functionality have become an eternal appeal for many watch lovers.

Patek Philip's watches, which have always emphasized tradition and innovation and have set up many new standards in the watch industry, will continue to be special for watch collectors and fashion enthusiasts. In addition, if you have a Patek Philip's watch and are considering buying a replacement, or want to organize the collection, we recommend purchasing and outsourcing at Ginza Axis.

Ginza Axis has a certain reputation as a luxury watch specialty store and has a wealth of experiences and experience in Patek Philip. With high quality assessments and fair prices, it will handle your Patek Philipped watch.

When letting go of an important watch, why not talk to Ginza Axis, which emphasizes reliability and expertise?


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