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User Guide

Product order method

If you place an order, check if there is no defect in the listed items and in stock.
If there is no problem, we will send you a confirmation email from our shop, so the sales contract will be established when the email arrives.
Please wait for the payment so far.
In principle, it is 3 days from the confirmation email distribution from our shop.
The reservation by the store is 3 days from the day.
In the case of more reservations, we will receive a deposit (10%of the selling price).
In that case, the reserve is 10 days,
If you cannot pay, you cannot extend it.
Please note that the deposit cannot be refunded.

About payment

Both stores and online
You can use cash, transfer, credit card, and shopping loan.

Regarding delivery

Free shipping nationwide by Sagawa Express.

About consumption tax

It will be sold with tax.

About returned goods

Please contact us by phone or email within 2 days after arrival only if there is a product defect.
Warranty period: 6 months from the date of purchase
* Only in -house stock products. The outsourcing items are not covered by the contractor, so they are not eligible for warranty.

In order to use the watch that you purchased for a long time, we have a our original warranty.
Please be assured that we will repair it free of charge based on the provisions of our store for defects and natural failures caused by normal use.
We have our own workshop, so we can handle it with a thorough system.
Our shop offers a thorough guarantee service, but we have a certain guidelines. In the following cases, it will be out of the specification, and repair and adjustment will be charged even within the warranty period. Please note.
・ Failure, damage, damage caused by inappropriate, inappropriate treatment, etc.
・ Failure and damage of cases, belts, windshield glass, crowns, etc.
・ Damage to the curtain, the core, and the mainspring
・ Fire, flood damage, accidents or catastrophe or damage
・ Failure and damage due to unreasonable repair and remodeling outside of our shop
・ If there is no warranty, if it is rewritten
・ In the mechanical type, it is cut off the mainspring, and the quartz type runs out of battery (battery).
・ Replacement of consumables
Notes on warranty
・ Even if it is within the warranty period, it will be charged if you make repair and adjustment that you do not need our shop at the request of the customer.
・ As a general rule, genuine parts of the manufacturer are used, but alternative parts may be used for antiques and some products.

□ Maintenance
In order to use the purchased watch for many years, the warranty period has passed, but it will be charged with responsibility.