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Article: What is the popular luxury watch Patek Philiph? Explanation from popular models to worrisome purchase prices


What is the popular luxury watch Patek Philiph? Explanation from popular models to worrisome purchase prices

What is Patek Philip?

Patek Philippe is a Swiss luxury watch brand established in 1839 by Antoine Nole and Adrian Philip. This brand is known for its excellent craft manship and design, combining traditional watch manufacturing technology and advanced technology.

Patek Philip is very good for the clock mechanism and can create watches with various complicated functions. For example, it is also known for producing watches with the world's first permanent calendar and creating a specially made clock for chimpanzies.

Patec Philip's history begins with the fact that the founder Antoine Noolu was a noble from Poland and an outstanding watch craftsman. He opened a workshop in Geneva, Switzerland in 1839, and began producing a clock in partnership with French watches, Adrian Philip. Later, Patek Philip was ordered by many noble customers, and its products were very highly valued.

Today, Patec Philip is known as one of the highest brands in the world of luxury watches, and its watch is worth the art. Patek Philiper has also invested a lot of investment in watch research and development, and its technology has also influenced other brands.

What are the main models of Patek Philip?

Patek Philiper has the following models.

  • Grand compression
    It is a luxury watch series with complex functions, with functions such as permanent calendar, time difference correction, astronomical clock, etc.
  • Compression
    It is a luxury watch series with complex functions and has functions such as automatic winding of calendars and watches.
  • No chillas
    The sports watch series features a box -shaped case and a octagonal bezel.
  • Aqua note
    The sport watch series features a round case and a sporty design.
  • Caratrava
    The classic dress watch series features a simple and sophisticated design.
  • Tablow
    It is a wristwatch series featuring modern design, featuring dials without indexes and unique shapes.
  • Erratur
    Patek Philip is a special watch collection manufactured in the past, featuring its own functions and designs.

This is the main model that Patek Philip is developed.

What are the three major brands of Patek Philiper brands?

  • No chillas
    It is one of the most popular series in Patek Philip, and has a sporty design. In particular, blue dial and stainless steel belt are popular.
  • Caratrava
    It is a typical classic dress watch of Patek Philip, and its simple and sophisticated design is popular. In particular, white dial and leather belt are popular.
  • Aqua note
    Patek Philip's Sports Watch Series features a sporty and casual design. There are many variations, and there are many models equipped with automatic winding movements.

However, Patek Philip is a very expensive brand, so it is often out of prices for consumers, so it is very highly highly evaluated from top watch enthusiasts and collectors rather than popular. I have received.

Patek Philipno Tolas

Patec Philip's Nautilus is the first sports watch series in 1976 and is still known as one of the company's leading watches. Gérald Genta, a French designer, worked on it, and its novel design overturned the standard of luxury watches at the time.

Nautilus is characteristic of a round shape using materials such as steel and 18K gold, and the dial has a marine -style decoration with a line on the side. In addition, the protruding bezel and the screws with fine design are characteristic, and it has excellent waterproof performance.

Nautilus has a lot of variations from the early model to now, and some models are equipped with various functions, such as automatic winding, chronograph, and travel time. In addition, the blue dial and stainless steel bracelet are characteristic, and this combination has gained popularity.

Nautilus is one of the most popular series in Patek Philip, and has been highly evaluated by many watch lovers and collectors as a watch that combines both quality and design as a luxury watch.

Patek Philip Calatrava

Patec Philip's Karatrava is one of the longest series of series that has the longest history, and is the first classic dress watch that was announced for the first time in 1932. The simple and sophisticated design is a representative of the classic style in the watch world.

The characteristic design of Karatrava is a beautiful circular case and a simple and easy -to -read dial. The dial uses a metal bar index and stallet needle, giving a simple and elegant impression. Also, many models have small second hands.

Karatraba is made of materials such as 18K gold, platinum, and stainless steel, and is often equipped with leather belts. In addition, it is equipped with hand -rolled and automatic movements, reflecting the high clock technology that Patek Philip is proud of.

Karatrava is still popular as a representative watch of Patek Philip. There are many variations, and there are many models in the collection. Karatrava has both quality and design as a luxury watch, and has been highly evaluated by many watch lovers and collectors.

Patek Philip Aqua Note

Patec Philip's Aqua Note is a popular watch series that has a sporty and casual appearance and quality and technology as a luxury watch. Aqua Note was first announced in 1997 and is a relatively new series in Patek Philip.

Aqua Note's most distinctive design is a octagonal bezel, a vertical crown and a push button attached to the case side. These elements emphasize the sporty design of Aqua Note. Many models are equipped with rubber straps with tango buckles, enhancing the sporty appearance of aqua notebooks.

Aqua notebooks use a variety of materials and include stainless steel, rose gold, platinum, and titanium. In addition, the dial has a wide color variation. Many models have dials decorated with diamonds.

Aqua Note's movement is a high -precision automatic winding movement developed by Patek Philip, reflecting the technical capabilities of Patek Philip. In addition, many models have the back cover of sapphire crystal, so you can enjoy the beauty of the movement.

Aqua Note is one of the most popular series in Patek Philip, and is supported by many watch lovers and collectors that combine sporty design and quality and technology as a luxury watch.

Celebrity with Patek Philiper

Patec Philip is loved by many celebrities, celebrities and athletes around the world. Here are some of them.

  • Jay Z
    Rapper / music producer
  • Eric Clapton
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Roger Federer
    Tennis player
  • Lionel Messi
    soccer player
  • Louis Hamilton
    F1 driver
  • Jeff Bezos
    Amazon CEO
  • Jack Ma
    Alibaba founder

In addition, many celebrities use Patek Philip's watches. Patek Philiper has also appeared in many movies and dramas, and is loved not only as a watch but also by people around the world.

Patec Philip is also popular with women! What are the popular ladies' brands?

Here are some of the most popular brands of Patek Philiper ladies.

  • Karatraba Ladies
    Karatrava, a representative model of Patek Philip, is also popular for ladies. It features a simple design, and is attractive because it is easy to match with the business scene.
  • Aqua Note Ladies
    Aqua Note is a lineup featuring sporty and casual design. Various color variations are available for ladies, and the silhouette that fits on the wrist is also popular with women.
  • Grand Complex Ladies
    Grand Complications are a lineup featuring complex movements with advanced functionality. For ladies, there are models with beautiful decorations such as jewelry, which are popular with sophisticated women.
  • Elate Ladies
    Erate is the most decorative lineup of Patek Philipme women's watches. It has a beautiful design like jewelry, and is perfect for special events.

These brands are particularly popular among Patek Philiper's ladies' watches, and are evaluated for design, luxury, and functionality that enhance the beauty of women.

Who is a female entertainer wearing Patek Philiper?

As a female entertainer wearing Patek Philip, the following people are known.

  • Carla Delvyne
    Carla Delvinne, a British actress and fashion model, has been reported that she loves Patek Philice's ladies' watches.
  • Jessica Chastain
    It is known that Jessica Chastain, an American actress, is a favorite of Patek Philiper Karatrava.
  • Selena Gomez
    It has been reported that Selena Gomez, an American actress and singer, is wearing Patek Philiper ladies' watches.
  • Miranda Kerr
    It is known that Miranda Car, a model from Australia, is a favorite of Patek Philiper ladies' watches.

It has been reported that these female entertainers use Patek Philip's luxury and beautiful design.

The purchase price of Patek Philiper

Patek Philip's purchase price varies greatly depending on the brand, model, state, accessories, market demand and supply, etc. The following is an example as of 2023, but please refer to it as a guide.

No chillas

  • Ref.5711/1A: More than 10 million yen
  • Ref.5712/1A: More than 10 million yen
  • Ref.5980/1A: 10 million yen or more


  • Ref.5196J-001: 2 million yen or more
  • Ref.5296R-001: Approximately 3 million yen
  • Ref.6000G-012: Approximately 3 million yen or more

Aqua note

  • Ref.5167A-001: Approximately 5 million yen or more
  • Ref.5164A-001: Approximately 8 million yen or more
  • Ref.5066A-001: Approximately 3 million yen or more

The purchase price of Patek Philip may vary depending on the specialized contractor. In addition, the above prices are only a guide, and may fluctuate depending on the state and market supply and demand status.

Patek Philiph Why expensive?

Patek Philip's high price has the following reasons:

Excellent quality and technical capabilities: Patek Philiper is working on its own research, development and technological innovation to pursue excellent quality and technical capabilities. In addition, craftsmen work carefully and time and effort to achieve high accuracy and quality.

Rare and collector's item: Patek Philip is known as a watch that is highly rare and difficult to obtain. In addition, it is highly evaluated as a collector's item, and many people own it as part of the collection.

Brand image and history: Patek Philiph is founded in 1839 and is one of the long -term luxury watch brands. It has gained support from many celebrities with high quality, excellent design and technical skills.

For the above reasons, Patek Philip's watches are known as representatives of high -priced luxury watches.

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