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Article: Secret of Breguet watches: Fusion of tradition and innovation

ブレゲの時計の秘密: 伝統と革新性の融合

Secret of Breguet watches: Fusion of tradition and innovation

The historical background of Breguet and the influence of watch production

Breguet, founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 783, has its name as a prestigious brand in the history of watch production. The origin begins when Abraam -Louis Breguet has learned in Geneva, then moved to Paris, France and opened its own watch shop. From here, the legendary journey of Breguet began.

One of Breguet's most prominent features is the technical innovation efforts. Abraam -Louis Breguet has revolutionized many watches, including automatic winding watches and touron. In particular, Terillon is still used in many luxury watches as a device to cancel the accuracy of the clock due to gravity.

His technical capabilities were evaluated by European royal family and nobles, and received many orders. In particular, the French queen Marie Antoinette is his enthusiastic customer, and the "Marie Antoinette Watch" manufactured for her is famous as a gem that combines the skills of the time.

You can also feel the influence of Breguet design. In particular, the gyoche pattern dial, the blue needle (Breguet needle), and the number fonts are widely recognized as the characteristics of Breguet. These designs have both elegance and functionality and still affect many brands.

Typical collection of Breguet

Since its establishment in 1783, Breguet has produced many innovative and unique designs in the history of watch production. Among them, Breguet's typical collection has been greatly supported by watch lovers and collectors. This time, I will introduce the collections that are particularly notable among them.

1. Marine series

The Marine Series is a particularly popular line among Breguet. It has a history designed for the Navy sailors and has excellent water resistance and robustness. The sharp and elegant design matches the formal scene despite the category of the sports watch.

2. Classic series

As the name suggests, Breguet's Classic Series is a collection that inherits traditional design and technology. Breguet identity, such as delicate gyoche patterns, blue steel needles, and unique numbers fonts, appears everywhere. It is loved by those who pursue elegance.

3. Tradition series

Breguet's Tradition is a series that recovers the 18th -century watch manufacturing technology in modern times. You can enjoy complex movements and gear movements through a transparent sapphire crystal case. This series combines technical fun and beauty.

4. Aeronabal series

Aeronabalu is a collection that originated as an aviation clock. It has the functions that pilots need, such as large dials, clear numbers, and chronograph functions. It is supported by many watch lovers as a series that combines historical background and functional beauty.

5. Queen of Nissing Series

The Queen of Nature is a gorgeous and elegant line among the Breguet ladies' collections. It beautifully colors the woman's wrist, such as a case shape pursuing curvature and a design that is scattered with diamonds.

The Breguet collection is all that you can feel the technology and design cultivated in a long history and tradition. Each series is packed with the unique personality and charm of Breguet, and everyone will be fascinated by its beauty and technical skills.

Breguet Marine: Characteristics and variations of the Marine series

The Breguet Marine Series is a collection that inherits the history and traditions of the brand, but has a functional beauty and design that matches the modern lifestyle. This series has roots as a watch originally designed for the Navy sailors. Therefore, it features a dial design that has excellent water resistance and robustness and boasts high readability. In addition, the delicate decorative technology and precise finish unique to Breguet enhance the luxury of this series.

Marine 2

Marine 2 has a position as an evolved version born after the success of the predecessor Marine model. It also makes full use of sophisticated design and the latest watch manufacturing technology. In particular, the design of the bezel and case has been renewed, giving a more sharp and modern impression. Regarding power, it is equipped with the latest automatic winding movement of Breguet, enhancing accuracy and durability.

Marine chronograph

Breguet Marine Chronograph has been supported by many fans as a model that combines sporty elements and elegance. The chronograph function is for measuring events within a certain period of time and is useful in sports and daily life. As a feature of this model, the arrangement of the sub -dial and the gyohoshe pattern that extends radially from the center is unique, giving you a sense of high -Breguet technology and design sense.

Marine 5517

The Marine 5517 is a model with a simple and sophisticated design in the Marine series. The main features of this model are a clear, easy -to -read dial and a 3 o'clock window with a date display. It also reflects the brand identity, such as the finished details, the Breguet's unique Roman index, and the Blue Steel needle. Elegant designs can be widely used from business scenes to casual scenes.

The Breguet Marine Series is a collection of watch -lovers that combine the state -of -the -art technique of watch production and traditional craftsmanship. The unique design and functions will make you feel confident and proud.

Breguet Classic: History and charm of the Classic Series

The Breguet "Classic" series is a collection that embodies the tradition and sophistication of the brand. Elegant gyoche -shaped dial, Breguet's unique needle, and thin case design are simple but sophisticated.

As the name implies, the Classic Series inherits Breguet's classical aesthetics loved over the times. These watches have a universal design that is easy to match with formal and casual places.

Breguet Tradition: Tradition Series and its innovation

The "Tradition" series is a novel collection that combines Breguet's technical heritage and modern innovation. The clock in this series allows you to enjoy the beauty of the complex mechanism by exposing the movement parts to the surface.

Tradition respects the tradition of watch manufacturing while balancing the technical innovation and craftsmanship.

Other Series: Aeronabal, Tourbillon, Queen of Napples, etc.


This is a series that Breguet praises the performance in the aviation and marine field. It is developed as a reliable instrument for pilots and sailors, with durability and functionality.


The invented Tourbillon, the founder of Breguem, Abraam -Louis Breguet, is an excellent technology to increase the accuracy of the watch. This series is a collection that pursues Breguet's outstanding technology and tradition.

Queen of Naples:

It is an elegant collection for women, combining delicate design and high technology. The name is named after the former Breguet's enthusiastic fans, the Queen of Naples, Calorina Murat.

These series shows the various history, technology, and design aesthetics of Breguet. They share Breguet's traditional values ​​while having different characteristics and charms.

Characteristics of Breguet watches

Breguet watches have been highly evaluated by collectors and watch lovers around the world with their unique design and high technical skills. Here, let's focus on the characteristics of Breguet watches and dig their charms.

Ladies watch: attractive design for ladies

Breguet's ladies' watches are characterized by the design of elegance and sophistication together. There are many details that capture women's hearts, such as a dial with a gyoe she pattern that has been carefully selected to the details and a model with diamonds.

In particular, the "Queen of Napples" series is loved by many fans as a gorgeous color of the woman's arm.

Men's Clock: Features of Men's Collection

Breguet men's watches have a dignified presence and high functionality. There are a wide variety of lineups, including simple but impressive designs, Breguet's unique blue needles, and models with complex mechanisms.

It is a great attraction of Breguet men's clocks that inherit the tradition of watch manufacturing and continue to evolve by incorporating the latest technologies and designs.

Specific features: Moon phase, trans -atlantic, pocket watch, needle design, etc.

Moon Phase:

The Breguet watch with the moon phase function expresses the lunar phases on the dial. Combined with delicate design and precision mechanism, it creates a romantic atmosphere.

Trans Atlantic:

This series is based on long -distance voyage and flight, featuring a design with excellent durability and functionality.

Pocket watch:

Breguet's pocket watch reflects the history and traditions of the brand. It is a dish that shines craftsmanship, such as an antique design and hand -carved decoration.

Needle design:

Breguet's unique "Breguet needle" has a moon -like shape, and its unique design affects many brands.

Through these characteristics, you can see that Breguet watches continue to have their historical background, technical leather, and design aesthetics.

Breguet market and Ginza Axis purchase service

Used Market: Trends in Breguet's used market

In the used market, Breguet watches maintain high popularity due to its historical background and unique design. In particular, rare models and limited items are actively traded between collectors, and sometimes they are traded at more than new ones.

On the other hand, the keyword "not popular" is searched, and the market is constantly fluctuating.

Price trends: Current status of Breguet market price

Breguet's watches have been highly evaluated in the used market due to their unique technology and design, and their venerable history. In recent years, it has been reported that some models of Breguet have a rapid rise in market prices.

At present, the average price of Breguet in the used market varies greatly depending on its rarity and models, but the classic "classic" and "Marine" series are consistently traded at high prices. In addition, limited editions and special specifications can be traded at higher prices.

In recent years, specific models, such as Breguet's "Tradition" and "Tourbillon" series, have been reported in cases where the price jumps more than twice in the past few years. It is thought that these models are increasing in popularity in new markets, and the number of production is limited, so that the rarity is increasing in the used market.

Ginza Axis always grasps the latest market prices and trends of Breguet watches. Utilizing your own database and the network with the industry, we accurately evaluate the true value of the watch. If you have a Breguet watch and want to know the current market price and future price trends, please feel free to contact Ginza Axis experts.

Ginza Axis Breguet Purchase Service: Breguet of Breguet and purchase characteristics in Ginza Axis

In Ginza Axis, experts with deep knowledge of Breguet watches and a wealth of experience are evaluated. Therefore, it is characterized by being presented with the appropriate price that matches the market value.

In addition, since the evaluation of the details is performed, such as the condition of the clock and the presence or absence of accessories, the owner can expect a satisfactory purchase price.

Features of consignment sales: Ginza Axis's consignment sales service and its merits

Ginza Axis's consignment sales service is very attractive for those who want to sell Breguet watches expensive. Unlike general purchases, Ginza Axis is a service that Ginza Axis sells instead, and the possibility that the sale price will increase increases by taking a successful fee -type commission. It is also possible to find the best buyers using a wide range of networks of Ginza Axis.

In this way, when letting go of Breguet watches, you can use the Ginza Axis service to expect a sale at an appropriate price.

Breguet Watch purchase and consignment sale: Ginza Axis trust and achievements

Breguet is an attractive brand that tickles the heart of watch enthusiasts with its name alone. Its venerable history, detailed design, and the leading technical skills of the industry are unreasonable by attracting collectors and fashion enthusiasts around the world. And when you let go of such a Breguet watch, Ginza Axis is the most reliable option.

Ginza Axis fully understands the charm and value of Breguet watches. It is reflected in the elaborate evaluation conducted by the company's experts. It is always necessary to accurately judge the Breguet series and models, their condition and rarity, and to present appropriate purchase prices beyond market value.

And Ginza Axis's consignment sales service is the best choice for selling Breguet watches. By utilizing a wide range of networks and sales experience in Ginza Axis, Breguet's watch helps find a new owner with its true value. Because it is a successful reward system, the profit of the customer and the profit of Ginza Axis match, aiming for the best results.

Ginza Axis has also built a deep relationship of trust with everyone who loves Breguet watches. As a result, here is the reason why many people choose Ginza Axis when considering Breguet purchase and consignment sales.

Finally, your precious Breguet watch. If you want to sell it the most reliable place, the highest, the answer is one. If you want to buy or outsource BREGUET, leave it to Ginza Axis. Help your watch to spin new value and new history.


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