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Article: Patek Philip's clock charm and purchase / sale guide: Latest information in Ginza Axis

パテックフィリップの時計の魅力と購入・売却ガイド: 銀座アクシスでの最新情報

Patek Philip's clock charm and purchase / sale guide: Latest information in Ginza Axis

Patec Philip's brand outline

Patek Philip, a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer established in 1839. Their watches are highly evaluated around the world by their outstanding technical skills, beautiful designs, and their own brand philosophy. Each watch is carefully assembled by a skilled craftsman and is absolutely confident in its quality.

Patec Philip's popular background in Ginza Axis

Ginza Axis is a place where many brands exhibit and sell their latest works as a high -end shopping area in Tokyo. Patek Philip's popularity here is a proof that the status and quality are recognized in this area where wealthy and celebrities are gathered in Japan and overseas.

In addition, Japanese consumers tend to traditionally focus on quality and brand history, and Patek Philip's long history and their reliable technologies are very acceptable to Japanese customers. Foreign tourists visiting Ginza Axis also know the brand's international evaluation, especially as a brand selected by tourists from Asia.

Finally, the knowledge and customer service skills of specialty store staff in Ginza Axis are also a major factor in purchasing expensive watches with peace of mind. It is one of the great attractions of shopping in Ginza Axis to be able to receive appropriate advice and after -sales services with their professional knowledge.

The main models and their charms of Patek Philiper

Nautilus: its design and price range

"Nautilus", which was born in 1976, is known as a unique sports watch with its unique octagon -shaped case. The design using luxurious stainless steel and rose gold is casual but luxurious and supported by many celebrities and businessmen. The price range varies depending on the model and material, but its unique design and brand reliability are one of the high -priced ranges.

Karatraba: Classic beauty and its features

"Karatraba" is a classic dress watch that can be said to be the Patek Philiper icon. The simple and sophisticated design has a different charm through a long history. This model, which is thin but condensed, is ideal for installation in formal situations.

Aqua Note: Sporty design and popularity reasons

Aqua Note, which debuted in 1997, is a sport watch with an urban and modern design. Although it has waterproof performance, the chic design can be used in the business scene. Its multifunctional is the reason for its popularity from a wide range of generations.

Ladies model: Introduction of TWENTY-4, new works, etc.

"TWENTY-4" is a model that is particularly popular among women in Patek Philip. Elegant and sophisticated designs are widely supported from everyday use to party scenes. New works are also announced one after another, and the luxurious designs using diamonds and various color variations are attractive.

Why is Patek Philip's clock expensive?

Craft Manship and Technology

Patek Philip's watches are assembled one by one by skilled craftsmen. The fusion of its elaborate craft manship and advanced technology has achieved high quality that sets it apart from other brands.

Limited models and compression impacts

Limited models and complex functions with complex functions are very expensive because of their rarity. These models require a long time and high technology, so the price is worth it.

Price trends for Golden Eripus and Nautilus

Prices of specific models, such as "Golden Ellipse" and "Nautilus", vary due to the increase and decrease in the trends and demand in the clock market. In recent years, it has been pointed out that the price of these models has risen, which reflects the popularity among collectors and investors.

Patek Philiper in the used market

Why is it popular to buy and sell used?

Patek Philip is very popular not only in new but also in second -hand markets because of its high quality and limitation. Used purchases are popular as a chance to meet rare models that have been finished a little while ago. In addition, since the selling price is more affordable than a new one, it is often selected as the first luxury watch. Many owners use it because Patek Philip's brand power can be expected to buy expensive due to the strong brand power of Patek Philip.

Movement of used prices in Nautilus and Karatrava

Nautilus and Karatrava are a model that is particularly notable for price trends in the used market. In particular, in recent years, Nautilus has risen prices in recent years due to the growing popularity, and in some cases, selling prices have exceeded new. Karatrava also keeps a stable price from its universal design.

Points of consignment, purchase, and sale at Ginza Axis

Ginza Axis is known as a store that specializes in handling Patek Philip. The outsourcing sale here is highly reliable for buyers because only clocks that meet certain quality standards are displayed. In addition, the abundant network of the store will be purchased and sold quickly and at a reasonable price. When considering the purchase and sale of Patec Philip, you may want to use Ginza Axis expertise.

Points to note when purchasing Patek Philiper

When purchasing Patek Philip, you need to check the regular warranty, case, and accessories. Especially in the used market, it is necessary to pay attention to fake and copied items. As a back trick, you can trade with a historic store with highly reliable and watch experts, so you can trade with confidence.

Advantages of purchasing at regular stores and stores

The biggest advantage of purchasing at a regular store is that you can receive a regular warranty. In addition, it is said that there is little regret after purchase because the clock can actually be confirmed by hand in the store.

Introduction of how to buy at a fixed price
Purchasing at a fixed price is relatively easy with new models and models that are not popular. In addition, if you have a long relationship at an authorized agency or a regular store or a repeat purchase, it may be possible to purchase at a fixed price even for popular models.

About consignment sales and purchase

Benefits of consignment sales

Sales at the optimal price:

After an expert assessment, you can set the right price based on the current market price of the watch.

Wide exposure:

You can get many potential buyers because you can introduce products on the outsourced stores, websites, and related platforms.

Reliable transaction:

A specialty store is guaranteed by entering a specialty store. You can significantly reduce the risk of fraud and illegal transactions.

Benefits of purchase

Speedy trading:

It is possible to cash immediately. It is suitable for sudden funding or when you want to let go of the watch immediately.

Simple procedure:

You can easily complete the transaction without a complicated procedure or waiting period.

Surely sale:

Unlike consignment sales, there is no risk of not being sold because the purchase is confirmed immediately.

If you are considering purchasing and consignment of Patek Philiper, go to Ginza Axis

Points of consignment and purchase at Ginza Axis


In Ginza Axis, experts who are familiar with Patek Philiper make assessments. Therefore, we accurately grasp the true value of the watch and support trading at the right price.

Support for peace of mind and trust:

The support system in the event of a problem is also available, so you can proceed with the transaction with confidence.

Achievements of high -priced purchases:

There are many expensive purchases of brand watches, and appropriate assessments are made based on optimal market prices. When considering consignment sales and purchases, it is important to make optimal choices according to your needs and situations. And by performing that transaction at a trusted specialty store, you will be able to realize transactions that match the true value of the watch with more peace of mind.

If you are considering purchasing and outsourcing of Patek Philip, please come to Ginza Axis by all means.



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