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Article: What to know about Patek Philiper: Watch -loving guide


What to know about Patek Philiper: Watch -loving guide

What you need to know about Patek Philip

Patek Philip's watch has many charms. First of all, there are many products that are functional as a watch while maintaining high accuracy with beautiful design and high technical capabilities. The company has always played a pioneering role in the watch industry and has introduced many new technologies. For example, it is the first to manufacture a pocket watch equipped with a chronograph (stopwatch function), and that the first one has a wristwatch equipped with a perpetual calendar.

Patek Philiper popular model

Patek Philip's clock is known for its high quality and expensive. Above all, no chillas, caratrava, aqua note, and gondolo are popular models.

Characteristics and charm of Nautilus and Cartrava

Naucilus is the first iconic Patek Philiper iconic model announced in 1976, featuring a sporty appearance designed for sea navigation. The design is symbolic of the hexagonal frame attached to the winding crown and the ports decorated on a thick bezel (cross section of the case). In addition, it is characterized by its own cross pattern dial and high -precision and reliable movement.

Karatraba, on the other hand, is the simplest model in Patek Philip, one of the first watches that Patek Philip announced. The design is characterized by a simple, sophisticated classic style, and is impressive in a thin case and minimal dial. Karatrava is popular in business scenes and formal situations as an elegant dress watch.

Both models are loved around the world as the highest quality watch that combines the high technical skills of Patek Philip and sophisticated designs.

Aqua Note and Gondolo characteristics and charms

Aqua Note is one of the first Patek Philipme sports watches released in 1997. This watch is designed to provide excellent visibility even underwater, featuring a sporty and sophisticated appearance. Aqua Note's latest model uses a dial of blue, gray, or green in stainless steel or rose gold cases. There is also a dial with a texture that has a gradation effect. Aqua Note is equipped with automatic winding movement inside.

Gondolo is a model with a vertical case with a distinctive Patek Philip design. This watch, first released in 1928, is designed based on the shape of the vehicle at the time. Gondolo is usually known as a retro atmosphere watch with a hand -rolled movement. The latest model uses a black or silver dial for rose gold or platinum case. In addition, bracelets and straps are also developed with various materials.

Patek Philiper Ladies Lineup

Patek Philiper has a variety of models for women, in addition to luxury watches for men. The ladies lineup includes watches with various styles and functions, such as Cartrava, Aqua Note, Nautilus, and Twenty-4.

For example, Twenty-4 is characteristic of a unique rectangular case with diamonds, creating a feminine elegant atmosphere. In addition, sport watches such as Nautilus and Aqua Note are easy to match with casual styles and are suitable for everyday use.

Patek Philippe price

Patek Philip is one of the highest peaks of luxury watch brands, and its price range is very expensive. The price depends on the model, but the average price range is said to be more than $ 200,000.

The price range of Patek Philiper and the popular model

Patek Philip's price range is very wide, from millions of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Generally, popular models such as Nautilus and Karatrava are expensive, and they may be traded at high prices in used markets.

On the other hand, some models tend to be relatively cheap. For example, Aqua Note, an entry model of Patek Philip, is available at a relatively affordable price range.

Why Patek Philip is expensive

Patek Philip's high price is due to its quality and craftsmanship. Patek Philip's clock uses high -quality parts that are particular about the details, and craftsmen who assemble them require high technical capabilities.

Patek Philip's watches are only a very limited number, and the low production volume is one of the highest prices. In addition, Patek Philip's watches are manufactured over a very long time, so the cost of manufacturing is also expensive.

Patek Philippe used market

Patek Philip's watches are very expensive and costs a lot to buy, so the used market has a relatively large demand. By searching for Patek Philip, you may be able to get it cheaper than a new watch. However, be careful when purchasing used goods. In the following, we will explain the price trends in Patek Philip and the precautions of how to buy in the used market.

Price trends in Patek Philiper in the used market

Patek Philip's price in the used market is often very expensive as in the new market. However, some products, such as popular models and rare models, can be high. In addition, the price may vary greatly depending on the condition of the clock on the used market. It is important to check the status of used goods.

Precautions of how to buy in the used market

There are some points to note when purchasing a Patek Philip watch in a used market. First, it is important to purchase from a reliable seller. If you are a reliable vendor, you will provide accurate information about the status and price of the product.

You also need to be careful about fake. Some of the fake seem to be genuine, but it is necessary to make good confirmation before purchasing. Furthermore, it is important to consider sufficiently before purchasing, as used clocks are often not guaranteed.

Patek Philiper and Entertainer

Patek Philiper models and reasons that celebrities love

Patec Philip is one of the representative brands of luxury watches and is loved by many celebrities. Celebrities are often attracted to their luxury, quality, design, and functionality, and they often choose Patek Philip. Here, we will introduce the Patek Philiper models and the reasons that celebrities love.

For example, the actor Brad Pitt loves Patek Philipme Nautilus. Nautilus is characterized by a sporty design, combining luxury and practicality, gaining a lot of popularity. Singer Justin Timber Lake loves Patek Philiph Karatrava. Karatrava is characterized by a simple and elegant design and is supported by people seeking quality and elegance.

In addition, many celebrities, including actor Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, actress Sandra Block and Kristen Stewart, use Patek Philip's watches. The models and reasons they choose are various, but the luxury, quality, and unique design are common to be attractive.

Patek Philippe Compression

Characteristics and charm of grand complex

Patec Philip is one of the famous luxury watch manufacturers for implementing complexity with complicated watches. Completion refers to a complex mechanism added to the clock, and can improve the clock function and performance. Patek Philiphe Completion attracts many fans as an excellent product that combines advanced technical and design.

One of the representative compressions of Patec Philip is the Grand Complication. The ground complex incorporates five functions: permanent calendar, bell repeater, chronograph, moon phase display, and tourbillon. In order to fit these complex features in one watch, you need advanced technical and precision. In particular, the function of the permanent calendar can be automatically adjusted to each month, and precision and accuracy is required.

Patek Philiper Completion is characterized by a beautiful and sophisticated design. For example, a ground complex has beautiful decorations and beautiful movements. In addition, Patek Philippe's split second chronograph is famous for the need for very advanced technical capabilities. The lap time can be measured because the two second hands can be moved at the same time and one side can be stopped on the way.

Patek Philiph Complusions are attractive for advanced technical and beautiful designs, but their expensive prices are also a hot topic. Therefore, it is difficult to get, and it is a longing for many people.

How to use world time

World time is a function that can list the time of major cities around the world, and is a very useful function for travelers and international businessmen. Patek Philip's world time function not only can display the time of multiple cities at the same time, but also automatically calculates the time difference, making it easier to adjust the schedule in a place where there is a time difference.

Patek Philip's World Time Function is characterized by not only displaying the time, but also the position and time difference of the city on a map. In the world time bezel, major cities are engraved 24 hours a day. Then, by turning the bezel according to the current regional time, you can instantly check the time of other cities. It can also be used as an analog clock with a 24 -hour display considering the time difference.

World time is one of the essential functions for Patek Philip's watches and is mounted on various models. In particular, Ref.5130 and Ref.5230 are famous for their excellent world time function. The Ref.5930 is also known as the world's first global clock, and its unique design and advanced technical capabilities are evaluated.

World time is one of the essentials of Patek Philip's watches that are active in travel and international businesses. Patek Philip's world time displays the position and time lag of the city on a map, and can automatically calculate the time difference, which combines advanced functionality and practicality. In addition, Patek Philip's watch, which has excellent design and has a world -time function, is functional, beautiful, loved by fashionistas around the world.

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