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Article: The charm of Audema Piguet -Thorough explanation of the icons of luxury watch brands

オーデマ・ピゲの魅力 - 高級時計ブランドのアイコンを徹底解説

The charm of Audema Piguet -Thorough explanation of the icons of luxury watch brands

History and characteristics of Audema Pigment

1. The founding and historical background of Audema Pigment
Audema Pigment is a luxury watch manufacturer founded in 1875 at the Swiss La Show -de -von. At that time, it was relatively small as a manufacturer, but the world's first wristwatches with automatic winding mechanisms were highly technical. Later, the manufacturer was acquired in 1907 by Edwar Piguet and Jules Audema, and the current brand name was born. Since then, Audema Piguet has been highly evaluated by watch lovers around the world, producing many masterpieces.

2. High design and technical capabilities that Audema Pigment is proud of
Audema Piguet has a reputation for high design and technical skills. In particular, the Royal Oak series is a pioneer in the industry as a luxury sporting watch using stainless steel. Its design was handled by Gerald Genta in 1972, featuring a octagonal case and a hexagonal screw. Audema Pige is also developing its own movement, and its accuracy and reliability are highly valued.

3. Introducing high -quality products and customer service provided by Audema Pigment
Audema Pigeons offers high -quality products and customer service. The product combines traditional handmade technologies and the latest technology, featuring sophisticated design and high functionality. Audema Pigment is also focusing on after -sales services, and has achieved high technical and quick response to maintenance and repair. In customer service, polite response and high expertise are also evaluated.

A typical model of Audema Pigeon

Audema Piguet is one of the most highly evaluated brands among luxury watches, providing luxury watches that combine innovative design and advanced technology.

The following is a part of the typical model of Audema Pige.

  • Royal oak
    This is the first luxury sports watch announced in 1972, featuring octagonal bezels and hexagonal screws.
  • Millenery
    It is a sports watch with a complex feature, one of the representative works of Audema Piguins, announced in 1995.
  • Joule Audoma
    A luxury watch designed based on the traditional values ​​of the brand, named the founder of Audema Piguin.
  • Millenery 2
    Mileneli's improved version is especially famous for its models that use skeleton dials.
  • Royal Oak Offshore
    A model that arranges the Royal Oak design more bold and sporty, especially popular among the younger generations.

These models are important things that symbolize the brand image of Audema Piguin, and have been highly evaluated by watch enthusiasts and collectors.

Major lineup of Audema Pigment

① Introducing a typical series and model of Audema Pigment:
Audema Pigment has series such as Royal Oak, Royal Oak Offshore, Millenery, Jules Audema, and Code 12. In particular, Royal Oak is a luxury wristwatch with a sporty look that was first announced in 1972 and is still popular and supported by many people.

The Royal Oak Offshore is a sporty wristwatch based on the royal oak, featuring larger and improving durability.

Millenery is a series featuring a classic and elegant design, and Jules Audema is a series that uses in -house caliber, a typical movement of luxury mechanical watches.

② Explanation of the features and functions of Audema Pigment watches:
Audema Piguins' watches are characterized by high technical and sophisticated design. In addition, by using in -house movements, we achieve high accuracy and reliability.

In addition, sporty watches such as royal oak and royal oak offshore have high waterproof and impact resistance. On the other hand, classic watches such as Milleneli and Jules and Audema are characterized by beautiful decorations and elegant designs.

③ Analysis of the price range of Audema / Pigment and market trends:
Audema Piguin Watches are very expensive among luxury watches, with a wide range of prices, from several million yen to tens of millions. In particular, sporty watches such as royal oak and royal oak offshore are very popular due to their high design and functionality, and their market prices are stable.

On the other hand, classic wristwatches such as Millenery and Jules and Audema are characterized by unique and beautiful designs and are very popular among collectors.

Audema Pigment's proprietary technology

① Explanation of the unique technology of Audema Pigment
Audema Pigeon produces high -quality watches with its own technical skills. Typical technologies include the development of movements, including the high -precision automatic winding movement "Calibre 3120" and "Calibre 2120". In addition, beautiful decorations with special processing technology and precision adjustments with advanced assembly technology are also known as the uniqueness of Audema Pige.

(2) Introducing innovative functions and materials developed by Audema Pigment
Audema Piguet has developed various innovative functions and materials. For example, there are many models that have many unique functions, such as the small second hand needle "Day window" in the dial and the Takimeter scale under the bezel. There are many wristwatches that use materials that require advanced technology, such as ceramic, titanium, and carbon fiber.

③ About the high quality of the products that the technical capabilities of Audema and Pigments bring
Audema Pigment produces high -quality watches by assembling each and every part by hand manually by craftsmen with high technical skills. As a result, precise adjustment is applied, high accuracy and stability.

By using beautiful designs, abundant functions, and high -quality materials, Audema Piguins' products are highly evaluated around the world. In addition, Audema Pigment also offers high -quality after -sales service so that it has a substantial repair service and can be used for a long time.

The values ​​and brand images of Audema Pigment

① Explanation of the values ​​and philosophy of Audema Pigment
Audema Pigeon has overturned the concept of watches by the Royal Oak, released in 1972. Until then, the clock was pursuing accuracy and durability, and while it was a practical existence, Royal Oak pursued status and aesthetics as a luxury watch. This represents the "fusion of beauty and technology" pursued by Audema Pigment.

Audema Pigment is also focusing on developing its own movement, and emphasizes that in high -quality clock production, combining innovative and traditional technologies.

② About the high quality and aesthetic philosophy pursued by Audema Pigment
Audema Piguet provides products in the world of luxury watches that combine traditional manufacturing technology, novel design and innovative materials. For this reason, the Audema Pigment watches use beautiful designs and high -quality materials as well as high accuracy and functionality.

Audema Piguet spends the best technology and time to create a single watch, and gives the highest quality. Such a high -quality clock production attitude is the brand value of Audema Pige.

③ How to use it in the brand image and fashion scene of Audema / Pigment
Audema Piguins are typical of luxury watch brands and are widely known in fields such as sports and fashion. Audema Pigments are also used by many celebrities and celebrities, such as Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore, and are attracting attention in fashion scenes.

The Audema Pigment watches are supported by a wide range of people because they have a sense of luxury and status, easy to use in formal and casual places.

Point to choose Audema Pigment Watch

① Advice about important points when choosing Audema Pigment watches
When choosing an Audema Piguin, you may want to pay attention to the following points.

  • Design: Audema Piguins' wristwatch boasts high design. Choose a design that suits your style and taste.
  • Function: Audema Piguins' watches have various functions. Choose in consideration of the usability of the functions and functions you need.
  • Size: Watch size must be selected according to your arms. Check the size and choose a watch that suits your arm.
  • Condition: In the case of used, check the scratches, dirt, and normal movement. In addition, if it is a regular store, it has high quality and reliability and can be purchased with confidence.
  • Price: Audema -pigment watches are often expensive, so decide your budget in advance and choose a wristwatch with a reasonable price for you.

② Tips on how to use Audema / Pigment watches and how to care
Audema Piguins' wristwatch is a luxury watch and requires appropriate usage and care. Below are a detailed explanation of hints on how to use Audema Piguins' watches and how to care.

  • Hand washing before use and clean arms
    Before using the Audema Piguin Watch, wash your hands firmly before putting on. If you have sweat or sebum on your arm, wipe it off with a towel or soft cloth before installing.
  • How to operate the clock
    The operation method of Audema Piguin Watches varies depending on the product. Before use, read the instruction manual carefully and check the correct operation method.
  • About daily handling
    Audema pigment watches require attention to daily handling. Do not apply excessive force or drop out of high places to prevent failure and scratches due to shock or vibration.

    Also, avoid getting wet with water such as seawater, hot springs, or shower, and wipe it off with a soft cloth immediately if it gets wet.
  • About maintenance method
    Audema Pigment's wristwatch requires regular maintenance. It is recommended that you check the operation of the clock regularly and receive repairs and overhaul as needed. It is also important to clean your wristwatch using a regular cleaning kit.

These are hints on how to use Audema and Pigeon watches and how to care. Appropriate usage and maintenance allows you to use Audema and Pigeon watches for a long time.

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