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[Consignment sales/cash special price] [100m waterproof] Custos CVR45-JETBST Challenge R Jet Liner

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Product rank
A A good condition with few usability and overall moderate (there is a noticeable rubbing.)
Product name
Challenge R Jet Liner
Model number
SS (black PVD)
Save box, instructions
Guarantee date
December 2019
Case size
Approximately 45mm
Automatic winding
Description of item
100m waterproof, rubber strap. There are some small scratches, but it will be in a beautiful state.
Item Number
About rank

N: New / unused items (including exhibitions and long -term storage items)
S: A beautiful product with a very small feeling of use has been used several times (there is a very small rubbing. New finished products are also ranked.)
A: There is little feeling of use and a good condition as a whole (there is a noticeable rubbing.)
AB: There is a feeling of use. Relatively good condition overall (there are some scratches)
B: There is a feeling of use. A state that can be used normally (there are scratches and dirt that can be understood immediately, as if used daily.)
BC: There is a feeling of use. Partial repair and replacement are required, but most can be used (there are quite a lot of scratches and dirt).
C: Junk (Operation has not been confirmed, it is a defective operation.)