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Article: Rolex Ice Blue's charm and road to expensive purchases - Reasons for popularity, fixed price, entertainer loyal users

ロレックス アイスブルーの魅力と高価買取への道 – 人気の理由、定価、芸能人の愛用者

Rolex Ice Blue's charm and road to expensive purchases - Reasons for popularity, fixed price, entertainer loyal users

Features of Rolex Ice Blue

Rolex's ice blue features ice -like blue, as the name suggests, attracts many watch lovers and collectors. Its charm is hidden by the unique colors, typical models, and the difference between men and women.

What is the secret of ice blue shades?

The color of Ice Blue was born with Rolex's high technology and its own manufacturing process. This color is used only for specific models and materials, especially platinum models. Therefore, Ice Blue is a symbol of the platinum model. This exquisite color reflects various blue shades depending on the lighting and angle, so you can enjoy different beauty depending on the angle and the way of light.

Representative model: Daytona, Daydate, Day Just, Cherini

The ice blue dial can only be seen with a specific Rolex model. The most famous of them is Daytona. The combination of sporty design and ice blue has been greatly supported by many fans. Next, "Day Date" is one of the typical models of ice blue. This model is known as a Rolex flagship model, and the ice blue dial further enhances its luxury. "Datejust" and "Chelini" also have an ice blue dial option, and they have different charms by combining them with the characteristics of each model.

Difference between men and ladies

Rolex's ice blue is developed in both men's and ladies' models, but there are several differences in its design, size, and detailed specifications. The men's model features a design that has a larger case size and thickness and gives a powerful impression. On the other hand, the ladies' models have a more delicate and elegant design, and the small case size and design details feel feminine. However, both models have the same charm of ice blue dials, and you can enjoy their beauty and luxury.

Rolex Ice Blue Price and Market Price

Rolex's Ice Blue is very popular because of its rarity and beauty. For this reason, not only the list price, but also the market price and purchase price are attracting much attention. Here, we will explain in detail the list price of each model of ice blue, the diamond model, the price of the special edition, and the trends in used prices and purchase prices in the market.

Price for each model of ice blue

Ice blue dials are often used, especially in platinum models, so their list prices are expensive compared to other models. For example, the list price of Daytona and Daydate's ice blue is generally from several million yen to tens of millions of yen depending on the material and design. On the other hand, Ice Blue in Datejust and Chelini may have a slightly reasonable price, but it is still expensive because of its rarity.

Diamond models and special edition prices

Models with diamonds set on ice blue dials and special edition models will increase even more. These models are more expensive than normal ice blue models because of the quality of diamonds, setting technology, and even the limited production of production. In particular, it is not unusual for models whose diamonds are luxuriously used on bezels and dials to jump several times.

Trends in used prices and purchase prices in the market

Due to the popularity and rarity of ice blue, used prices in the market are very soaring. There are many cases where new products are traded at a new list price, especially those in good condition, boxes, and warranty cards are often premium prices. In addition, the purchase price is high, and if you choose an appropriate purchaser, the owner can expect the purchase at a sufficient price. The price will fluctuate depending on the market trends and demand, but the popularity of ice blue is expected to continue, so the price in the used market will continue to be stable and high.

Why is Rolex's ice blue expensive?

Rolex's Ice Blue is one of the models that has been greatly supported by many watch lovers and collectors. Although the beauty and luxury are understood at a glance, there are several reasons behind it, justification of its expensive.

Limited and rare

Ice blue dials are often used only in platinum models. This platinum model has a limited number of production than general stainless steel and gold models. Combining this limited number of production and the unique color of ice blue, it is a factor that increases its rarity and soar on prices.

Influence of celebrities and celebrities

Rolex's ice blue is used by many celebrities and celebrities. Increasing exposure on TV, magazines, SNS, etc. will further increase its popularity and recognition. In particular, the use of top stars in Japan and overseas will be subject to recognition and longing among fans and the general public, and its value will increase.

High quality materials and manufacturing processes

Rolex has a reputation for its quality and accuracy. The ice blue dial is no exception, and its production requires high quality materials and unique manufacturing processes. In particular, technologies for reproducing the color of ice blue, and the processing technology of platinum cases and bracelets require very high technical capabilities compared to other watch brands. Such high -quality materials and manufacturing processes create ice blue expensive.

The price of Rolex's ice blue is justified by its rarity, celebrity influence, and high quality manufacturing background. By combining these elements, Ice Blue maintains a high position in the watch market.

Popular ice blue among celebrities

Rolex's ice blue is loved by many celebrities and celebrities because of its unique colors and luxury. Popular backgrounds include high -quality manufacturing processes, rarity, and exposure among celebrities.

Favorite celebrities and celebrities

Many domestic and overseas top stars use ice blue. For example, Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio and soccer player Christiano Ronaldo are catching ice blue in public. It is also said that many top stars, such as actor Takuya Kimura and Gen Hoshino, in the Japanese entertainment world, love ice blue.

The reasons why these celebrities and celebrities choose ice blue are their rarity, unique shades, and the brand power of Rolex. Especially for those who have a lot of exposure in public, Ice Blue will be very attractive as an item that sets it apart.

Exposure in public and posting on SNS

As celebrities and celebrities wear ice blue in public, their popularity and awareness will be further enhanced. Capturing celebrities wearing ice blue in many situations, such as red -rug events, TV programs, and movie premiere, are subject to longing among fans and the general public. 。

Furthermore, with the spread of SNS, celebrities are increasingly posting the joy of getting ice blue and the scenes used in everyday life. These posts are quickly shared on fans and followers, accelerating the popularity of ice blue.

Rolex's Ice Blue has gained even more value and popularity by being used by many celebrities and celebrities as well as its beauty and rarity. Exposure in public and posting on SNS continues to spread.

About the purchase and outsourcing sales of ice blue

Rolex's Ice Blue has a high market price due to its rarity and popularity. Therefore, it is important to hold down some points when considering purchasing or outsourcing sales.

Points when considering purchasing and consignment sales

The most important point when selling ice blue is to confirm that state. Clock movements, appearance damage, accessories, etc. have a significant effect on the purchase price. If the original box, warranty card, and instructions are available, you can expect more expensive purchases.

Differences in the state of ice blue and the purchase price depending on the model

The most important thing is to choose a reliable store when considering the purchase or outsourcing sales of ice blue. Let's choose a reliable store with reference to the Internet reviews, evaluations, past transactions, etc. One way is to ask multiple stores to assess and select a store that offers the most appropriate price.

Rolex's Ice Blue has a high market price due to its rarity and popularity, but it is important to keep the above points in order to succeed in purchasing and outsourcing. Be prepared well and aim for the optimal transaction.

If you buy and outsource Rolex Ice Blue, go to Ginza Axis

Ginza Axis offers reliable and excellent services in the purchase, consignment sales and repair of Rolex Ice Blue. The following will be explained in detail.

(1) Consignment to Ginza Axis has many benefits.

First, a specialized sales team can effectively use marketing and advertising and use abundant networks to access a wide range of purchasers. This improves the sales speed of watches and the success rate of price negotiations. In addition, Ginza Axis gives regular evaluations and appraisal to ensure clock reliability and safety to avoid fake and remodeled risks. In addition, the owner can make a full profit because the commission in consignment sales is the lowest in the industry.

(2) Ginza Axis accepts not only purchases but also repair.

Even if the owner is worried about the condition of the watch, a professional engineer will carefully repair and maintain. You can maximize the purchase price by maintaining the condition of the clock and restoring the original status by repairing it. It also contributes to future demand and value by improving clock function and durability by repairing.

(3) The commission for consignment of Ginza Axis is the lowest in the industry.

This is because Ginza Axis has established an efficient sales process because it has many years of achievements and networks in the watch market. The owner has a low commission, so the final revenue will increase. In addition, despite the lowest commission of the industry, Ginza Axis provides high -quality services and reliability.

Ginza Axis offers reliability, high -quality services and the lowest in the industry in the purchase, consignment sales and repair of Rolex Ice Blue. The owner can outsource the watch with confidence and sell it at the optimal price. Because it is also repaired, you can keep the clock condition the best and improve future values. Ginza Axis is an ideal option for many owners.



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