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Article: Vacheron Constant Watch Guide: From Overseas to Antique


Vacheron Constant Watch Guide: From Overseas to Antique

Overseas lineup

What is overseys?

The Overseas of Vacheron Constantan was the first collection of brands that was first introduced in 1996 and appeared as a brand's first sport. Overseas features a design that combines sporty and elegance, and was created for people with active lifestyles. The name reflects the concept as an Overseas watch (Overseas).

Features and charms of oversees

Overseas is a representative collection of Vacheron Constantan, which combines advanced technology and sophisticated design. Below are the characteristics and charms of the overseys:

Sophisticated design:

Over -seed cases are simple but distinctive. The round case and the hexagonal bezel are exquisitely combined and have a sophisticated appearance.

Modular case system:

Overseas uses Vacheron Constantan's unique modular case system. This provides a customized clock by combining different materials and functions.

High waterproof:

Overseas has the performance of a sports watch and has higher waterproofness than a general luxury watch. This means that it is suitable for outdoor use and waterside.

Abundant variations:

Over -seeds have a lineup of models with various functions, such as automatic winding, chronograph, and perpetual calendar. This can respond to a wide range of tastes and applications.

The charm of overseas chronograph

Over -seed chronographs are attracting attention from many watch enthusiasts with their functionality and sophisticated designs.

High -performance movement:

The oversenses chronographs are equipped with high -precision and reliable automatic winding movements. The chronograph function enables accurate measurements and can be used for sports and various daily activities.

Stylish design:

The oversight chronograph is a dynamic appearance like a sports watch and an elegant design unique to Vacheron Constantan. As a result, you can wear it in a formal or casual place without any discomfort.

Village functionality:

It has not only the chronograph function, but also the date display and second hand function. As a result, it is a highly practical watch that is suitable not only for time measurement but also for everyday use.

Overscity chronograph is a crystal of Vacheron Constantant's excellent technology and design, which can be said to have set new standards for sports watches.

Traditional line

Origin of traditional collection

Vacheron Constantan's traditional collection was born to praise brand tradition and artistic value. This collection pays tribute to watch production technology and design philosophy from the 18th century, reflecting the historical roots of Vacheron Constantan. Therefore, it is characterized by classical elements and attention to details.

The charm of a traditional design

The traditional collection design is characterized by a simple and sophisticated style. It has manual decorations, enhancing, and artwork that extend to the details, and the advanced craftsmanship shines. The dial design is classic but has its own identity, and the beauty of the dial and the practicality of the clock are exquisitely combined.

Popular model among the traditional collections

One of the most popular models in the traditional collection is "Traditional Automatic". This model has a simple but sophisticated design and has a complex movement. In addition, the "Traditional Chronograph" is also popular, and the chronograph function and the Vacheron Constantan's unique design are wonderfully combined.

Antique Vacheron Constantan Watch

Variations of the charm of antique watches and collections

Vacheron Constantan's antique watch is a valuable artifact that reflects the atmosphere and design philosophy of that era. These watches were created in the Washlon Constantan studio, affected by historical backgrounds and trends. There are a variety of designs and mechanisms, from pocket watches to watches, and each reflects the technology and aesthetics of that era.

Evaluation of antique watches in the used market

The evaluation of antique watches is affected by state, historical value, and rarity. In the used market, clock condition is one of the most important factors. Original parts, dial conditions, cases, etc. will affect the evaluation. Also, if the presence is clear, such as the historical background of the watch and the connection with the previous owner, it is an important point in evaluation.

Focus on antique models and value

The interest in the antique Vacheron Constantan watch is due to its beauty, rarity, and historical background. These watches are a proof of Vacheron Constantan's tradition and craftmanship, and is a true treasure for watch enthusiasts and collectors. Above all, models with limited editions and special designs have high value in the market and are praised for watch history and brand heritage.

Used market of Vacheron Constantan

Trends in the used market

The used market of Vacheron Constantan has grown steadily from its high quality and rarity. While demand among collectors and enthusiasts is growing, rare items, such as limited models and antique watches, are traded at a high price. The used market is an attractive investment destination for those who are interested in brand history and design.

Transaction price in popular models and used markets

Vacheron Constantan models, which are popular in the used market, include "Overseas" and "Traditional". These models are evaluated for their design and functionality, and have a high transaction price in the used market. In particular, the models with limited editions and special dial design are attracting the attention of collectors.

Purchase and consignment sales of used clocks

When letting go of a used Vacheron Constantan watch, purchase services and consignment sales are the options. Purchase services are characterized by quick transactions, and prices are presented based on clock condition and demand. On the other hand, consignment sales are a means of selling the optimal value of the clock by specialized contractors. For the seller and the buyer, there is a sense of security, and it is a method to make the most of the market value.

For purchase and consignment of Vacheron Constantin to Ginza Axis

If you are considering purchasing and outsourcing watches, Ginza Axis, known for its trust and achievements, will help you.

Reliable brand

Ginza Axis is a specialist who has a certain achievement in purchasing and outsourcing of luxury watches. Its trust is supported by long history in the clock industry and many transactions. Ginza Axis can also leave the transaction of Vacheron Constantin with confidence.

Appropriate evaluation and price

In Ginza Axis, experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience will appropriately evaluate the Vashlon Constant Watch. We provide fair prices, taking into account market value and condition comprehensively. You will be able to let go of your precious watch with the optimal evaluation.

Advantages of consignment sales

It is also recommended for those who own a Washelon Constant's watch but want to entrust new owners. The consignment sales of Ginza Axis are carefully handled by staff with specialized knowledge. We will maximize the appeal of watches and help them to deliver them to lovers.

Ginza Axis realizes a suitable transaction with the value and history of Vacheron Constantin's watches. Why don't you take a step into the world of Vacheron Constantin with a service tailored to reliability, high praise, and individual needs?



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