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Article: Rolex Ice Blue Purchase Guide: Detailed explanation from popular models to price trends


Rolex Ice Blue Purchase Guide: Detailed explanation from popular models to price trends

Reasons for the charm and popularity of Rolex Ice Blue

Rolex Ice Blue is known as a watch with a unique ice -like blue color, as its name suggests. This color has the uniqueness that is not found in other brands and models, and is the heart of many watch lovers and collectors due to its beauty and rarity.

Rolex has received great support from watch fans around the world with its accuracy, durability, and sophisticated design. Among them, Ice Blue is positioned as a special being. The reason for this is that Ice Blue is a very rare one because it is used only in specific models and materials, especially platinum models.

In addition, Rolex Ice Blue has not only its colors but also Rolex's high technical skills and quality, so many people choose expensive investments. For this reason, wearing ice blue is a kind of status symbol.

Ice Blue also has many loyal users among celebrities and celebrities, and the exposure is popular. This watch, which is often found on television and magazines, has become a longing for many people.

Rolex Ice Blue Popular model: Characteristics of each model ・ Comparison of list price and market price of each model


Daytona is a chronograph clock that is particularly popular among Rolex. Daytona with ice blue dial is very rare, and market prices often exceed the list price.


Daydate is one of the representative models of Rolex, which has the function of displaying the date and day of the week. Daydes with ice blue dials appear only in platinum models, and are very popular because of their beauty and rarity.


Digast is a classic Rolex model with a date display function. Ice blue dials are particularly popular among the dijasts and are supported by many enthusiasts.


Chelini is known as Rolex's dressy watch. Chelini with ice blue dial is exquisitely matched by its delicate design and color, and is loved by many fans.

Regarding market prices, each model with ice blue dials is often expensive due to its rarity. It is not unusual for Daytona and Daydes to be traded at a price that exceeds the list price at the time of a new one.

On the other hand, died jasts and Chelini are not so high, but they still tend to be more expensive than other color dials.

Rolex Ice Blue Price Trends

Rolex's ice blue dial is very highly evaluated by its rarity and beauty, but there are some clear reasons behind it.

Why is Rolex Ice Blue expensive?

Rolex's ice blue dial is used only for specific models, especially platinum luxury models. This limited production enhances the rarity of ice blue. Limited production is an important factor in enhancing the value of the product.

Manufacturing difficulty:
The ice blue dial is very difficult to reproduce its color, and requires a unique technology to maintain consistent quality. The difficulty of this manufacturing process is a factor in raising prices.

Brand value:
Rolex itself has a solid position as a luxury watch brand, among which Ice Blue has a special presence. The value of the brand and its special feeling are factors that soar on the price.

About the influence of celebrities and celebrities

Rolex's ice blue dial is supported by celebrities and celebrities around the world. In particular, many celebrities, including Hollywood stars, athletes, and top leaders in the business world, are wearing this watch in public.

As an example, it is said that Hollywood stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and David Beckham love ice blue. A world -famous celebrity like them choose Rolex Ice Blue, and its charm and value are even more prominent.

Top leaders in the business world also use it as a status symbol that shows its success and status by choosing ice blue. Watches can be said to be an important accessory in business, so choosing a high -quality Rolex Ice Blue allows you to convey the status and success of that person at a glance.

In addition, many celebrities who choose ice blue praise their beautiful dials and high functionality. When they talk about their charms on SNS and interviews, the information has been transmitted to ordinary consumers, and demand is growing.

In this way, celebrities have a wide variety of reasons for choosing ice blue, but the biggest factor is the unique charm of Rolex Ice Blue and the status shown by wearing them. Sho.

Points of purchase and outsourcing sales

Precautions and evaluation criteria when purchasing

When considering the purchase of Rolex Ice Blue, you need to pay attention to some points. First, the state of the exterior greatly affects the evaluation. Dials, bezels, and bracelets scratches, discoloration, defects, etc. can greatly reduce prices, so care must be taken in regular maintenance and daily handling.

Second, the accuracy of the operation is also an important point of evaluation. Rolex is known for its accuracy, but errors may occur due to long -term use and environment. Regular overhaules and adjustments are recommended. The presence or absence of original accessories also affects the evaluation. If the original box, warranty card, manual, etc. are available, the purchase price may increase.

Average purchase price and impact factors

Rolex Ice Blue's purchase price is affected by many factors. Market supply and supply, the rarity of a specific model, the condition of the clock, etc. are the main impact factors.

For example, Ice Blue Daytona is very popular and market prices are soaring, so the purchase price is higher. On the other hand, other models and things with poor condition may have relatively low purchase prices.

Advantages and disadvantages of consignment sales

The consignment sale is a method of selling products at stores and online shops. One of the benefits is the freedom of pricing. The price can be changed according to the fluctuations in the market price, so you can expect expensive sales. In addition, by using the reliability of specialty stores, more customers can see products.

On the other hand, the disadvantages are the uncertainty of the commission and the period to sell. The point that the period until the product is sold is unclear, the fact that it cannot be cashed immediately, and the fee for the sale of the sale is a disadvantage compared to the purchase.


Tips for selling Rolex ice blue high

Maintenance of state:
First of all, the most basic thing is to keep the clock condition good. It requires handling and regular maintenance to prevent daily scratches and dirt.

Complete accessories:
Storing original boxes, warranty cards, and manuals can greatly increase the price at the time of purchase.

Check for market trends:
The market price of the watch is fluid. A specific model or brand can be a boom, which can temporarily increase the price. By constantly checking the trends and selling for the soaring season, you can expect transactions at higher prices.

Choose a reputable purchase shop:
By choosing a reliable purchase store, you can expect a good deal at an appropriate price. By checking the reputation and word of mouth of the store in advance, and receiving the assessment at multiple stores, it is possible to select a store that offers the highest price.

Advice for those who are considering purchasing

Consider purchasing at a regular store:
We recommend purchasing at a regular store to avoid the risk of fake and counterfeit products. In addition, if you are a regular store, you can get after -sales service and guarantee firmly, so you can trade with confidence.

Check the market price:
By checking the general market price in advance, you can expect transactions at an appropriate price. Check the price of auction sites and used clock dealers, and then consider purchasing.

Confirmation of the year of manufacture and models:
Rolex Ice Blue also has various models and years of manufacturing. After understanding the characteristics and value of each, it is important to clarify what you want.



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