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Article: The charm of Breguet Watches and the purchase and consignment guide


The charm of Breguet Watches and the purchase and consignment guide

What is Breguet -Features of History and Brand

Breguet history

Breguet was established in 1775 by Abraham -Louis Breguet, and its name was synonymous with a luxury watch, which brought a revolution in the clock industry. Breguet has been innovating a number of watch technology in Valley de Jew, which is a sacred place for Swiss watches.

The origin of Breguet begins with Abraham -Louis inventing the innovative "Bregeetourbillon". This technology is designed to work accurately without being affected by gravity, and many watch brands have been pursuing this technology to date.

Series such as "Breguet Classic" and "Bregetan Atlantic" are known as a masterpiece born as a result of fusion of Breguet's traditional aesthetics and advanced technology. In particular, the Breguet Queen of Nissples, which was announced in the early 19th century, is named in history as the earliest women's wristwatch.

Breguet is a brand that has a history as an aviation watch, and "Bregeaear Elonabal" and "Breguet type XX" are positioned as a symbolic model with a deep involvement with the aviation industry.

The history of Breguet is a way to be a fusion of innovation and tradition, and its innovative technologies and designs have a strong influence in today's luxury watch industry.

What is Breguet -Features of History and Brand

Breguet's characteristic is its innovative technology and beautiful design. The representative is the "Breguet needle". The Breguet needle is a thin and delicate needle, and its design is elegant but has high ready. This Breguet needle also affects many other luxury brands and is incorporated into many watches.

"Bregemoon Phase" is one of the characteristics of Breguet. Moon phase is a function that displays the phases of the moon, and Breguet is expressed in delicate sculptures and beautiful designs. This moon phase brings a romantic atmosphere on the clock dial and is loved by many fans.

Beautiful design unique to Breguet, such as "Breguemary Antoinette" and "Breguet 5517", combines Abraham -Louis Breguet traditional techniques and modern technology. In addition, Breguet's watches are highly valued by their beauty and quality as "Breguet Classic Choji", and are required by many collectors.

Breguet's watches have been greatly supported by many watch enthusiasts and collectors with their unique design and high technical skills. Its beauty and high functionality can be said to be the biggest feature of Breguet.

Breguet popular series

Breguet Marine Series

The "Marine" series, which has a deep connection with the ocean, is characterized by a sporty yet sophisticated design. "Marine 2" is a model that inherits the design of the predecessor and pursues further functional beauty. "Marine Royal" and "Marine Chronograph" have high water resistance and accuracy and are perfect for active scenes.

Brege Classic

As the name suggests, a series that has a traditional design and high reading ease of reading. Gold, silver case, leather straps, and fine sculptures have enhanced luxury.


In this series, Breguet's traditional watch production technology and modern innovation are fused wonderfully. You can enjoy the internal structure of the clock from the design with many transparent parts.

Ladies model

"Breguet Watch Ladies" features an elegant design. In particular, the "Queen of Nissing" has a unique oval case and decorates women's hands elegantly. "Marie Antoinette" is known as a model with a historic background and has a gorgeous jewelry.

The charm and precautions of the used Breguet clock

Used charm

Breguet's watch is very popular in the used market because of its quality and design. "Breguet Chuo" is supported by many collectors and fans because you can get luxury watches at a reasonable price compared to the new one. Popular models, such as "Breguet Marine Naka -ko", are often kept worth even when used.

How to choose used

When choosing used goods, such as "Bregea Elonabalu Choi", it is important to check the condition of the clock, the presence or absence of accessories, and the existence of a regular certificate. By carefully checking these points, you can identify high -quality second -hand goods.

Breguet purchase and consignment sale guide

Breguet is a highly evaluated watch brand around the world, and many people recognize their value as their quality, design, and history are evaluated. For this reason, Breguet watches are very popular in the used market, and if you buy or outsource sales in an appropriate way, you can make the most of the value.

About purchase

Breguet watches have been very highly evaluated around the world with their sophisticated design and high craft manship. As a result, it is one of the most highly demanded brands in the used market.
The purchase price is roughly divided into the following factors.

Models and types
For example, models with Tourbillon functions and special models that are limited production are often traded at very high prices. On the other hand, basic models and mass -produced types tend to be relatively low.

Of course, the condition of the clock has a significant effect on the purchase price. It is highly evaluated for the same as new and small scratches and damage. Conversely, large wounds and failures have a low evaluation.

It is also important to have accessories such as the original box, warranty card, and instruction manual. In particular, to prove that the warranty card is a regular one, it can be expected that the purchase price will increase significantly.

For the current Breguet purchase price, for example, the basic model of the popular "Breguet Classic" is about 50-70%of the new price, and if the condition is good, if the condition is good. It can be even higher. On the other hand, limited models and luxury models with special functions often exceed new prices. In particular, highly rare models and rare models that have ended production are highly demanded by collectors and can be expected to be purchased at a very high price.

However, these markets are fluctuating every day due to market demand, supply, and clock fashion. Therefore, when considering a purchase, you can get the most appropriate price by receiving the evaluation of multiple specialty stores and purchasers.

Benefits of consignment sales

Breguet watches have been very highly evaluated around the world due to their quality, design, and historical background. For this reason, you can make the most of Breguet brand power when choosing outsourcing sales.

Professional knowledge and experience

Watch -only dealers and traders have specialized knowledge and experience with Breguet watches. This makes it possible to convey the true value of the clock and set the appropriate price. In particular, luxury brand watches such as Breguet can be expected to trade at the most appropriate price by outsourcing sales to experts who understand its value.

A wide range of marketing

Professionals have abundant networks in Japan and overseas, and can use it to carry out a wide range of marketing activities. Exposure in various fields, such as online shops, SNS, and real stores, can appeal to Breguet watches to many potential buyers.

Safety and reliability

Sales by individuals can also accompany fraudulent transactions and troubles. However, outsourcing to a specialist can greatly reduce such risks. Trading is the basis of business to make a legitimate transaction, and has a system to ensure the safety and reliability of transactions.

Corresponds to market fluctuations

Luxury watches fluctuate every day due to fashion and economic situation. Professionals are always sensitive to the fluctuations of these markets, and can set the most appropriate price and sales strategies based on that.

Save the trouble of trading

The biggest advantage of choosing outsourcing sales is that the seller himself can leave the buyer to find the buyer and the troublesome process such as price negotiations. This makes it possible to achieve smooth and efficient transactions.


The outsourcing sale of Breguet watches is one of the most appropriate ways to make the most of its value. By outsourcing sales to a trader with specialized knowledge, experience, and abundant networks, you can properly convey the true value of Breguet watches and realize transactions under the best conditions.

Go to Ginza Axis if you are considering purchasing and consignment of BREGUET

Breguet watches are loved around the world with their long history, outstanding technology, and sophisticated designs. We recommend Ginza Axis for those who are considering purchasing and consignment sales to maximize their value.

Features of Ginza Axis

Professional knowledge
Staff who are familiar with Breguet models, history and market value will accurately evaluate the value of your watch.

Safe transaction
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Fair price
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If you are considering purchasing or outsourcing Breguet, please contact Ginza Axis once. With us, let's make a transaction that makes the most of the true value of Breguet watches.



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